Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why I'm Not in a Relationship

He's a selfish, whining, negative loser and I'm a self-aggrandizing intolerant bitch. Let's call the whole thing off.
He's an unstable egomaniacal jerk and I'm a lonely poser of immaterial self-assuredness. Let's call the whole thing off.


Melissa Oliver said...

as a new mom, i am envious of your adventures. spin class is as far as i get. how do you manage to find the energy?

Kirstie said...

Hello Melissa - thank you for the comment. I have long neglected this blog and so was (happily) surprised to get your comment, which I'd like to address: "how do you manage to find the energy?" My kids are teenagers/young adults now and I feel like my time spent raising and supporting them as a single parent is morphing into finding out what really makes me happy now. It's a VERY strange transition to be in. And while my family remains first in my life, the adventure I hungered for while carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders is now finally starting to manifest well as still being exhausted much of the time. But I am realizing that being exhausted now is just a state of mind and I am trying to change that. I work on conserving my energy for what I really want to use it for and not spending it where I don't want to. Adventure is what fuels me. Thanks and I love reading your blog. It's a nice glimpse into a cool-mom's world : )

Success Gemstone said...

you are the strong mom.